Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesson 2

ALOHA! And Welcome back to German Tuesday, its been a really fast German Tuesday, this day past way to fast. SO we knew that today is German Tuesday, but we kinda didn't really get around to it. Okay, yah, we slacked! but hey, we'll do better next week.

the only thing we learned today was, and its actually a very useful sentence.

kiss me you fool - kuess mich du narr

we also, did a quick recap on last week. At the end of it all, we made some progress but we could have done much more. but hey, better than nothing! so I'm pretty sure you wanna see a picture of us kissing, but we don't kiss, I mean seriously who does that anyways! Thats gross! okay, I confess we do kiss sometimes ;)


  1. Do you think a mother wants to see that??? you're lucky I like you! Especially since it snowed here on Tues. Jaimie, make that Austrian boy some German Pancakes next Tues.

  2. Marsha! Lucky me you like me, wow!!! you had a snowy tuesday ;) almost as good as german tuesday ;) Jaimie has been talking about german pancakes for a LONG time, Jaimie lets have german pancakes!!! i'll make you.