Tuesday, June 23, 2009

It's been a while...

Hi everyone, it's Jaimie this time. So I was realizing the other day, that we haven't done German Tuesday in a LONG time! So tonight we are going to have it over the phone/MSN messenger (for the spelling). Here is what we have come up with for today:

engaged: verlobt
We are engaged: wir sind verlobt
You are my fiance (me speaking to Wolfgang): du bist mein verlobter
You are my fiance (Wolfgang speaking to me): du bist meine verlobte

Tuesday: dienstag
We are getting married: wir werden heiraten
I'm marrying you: ich heirate dich
engagement photos: verlobungs fotos
wedding ring: hochzeits ring

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's About Time!!! I know I know

Aloha and welcome back to German Tuesday! we would like to apologize for not having posted
anything for so long, but as you all know even students can be busy sometime! ;)

Today, we had breakfast together and we enjoyed some amazing omelets. Thank you Jaimie for that tremendous breakfast!

we learned the following new vocabs today.
egg - Ei
eggs - Eier
green peppers - Paprika
turkey - Truthan
cheese - Kaese
and duh! omelet is omelet lol

Thats breakfast, pretty much amazing, thanks Jaimie!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

German Tuesday

Welcome back to German Tuesday! it was a busy day yesterday, so we didn't really find time to have an effective lesson. Jaimie's landlord has a trampoline, so we played around for a bit. After I made Jaimie jump to high, she decided to stop. So had to give in and stop goofing around. lol. so we sat on the tramp and had German Tuesday.

Our new vocabulary for this week:
trampoline - Trampolin
moon - Mond
star - Stern
stars - Sterne
sun - Sonne

I believe that was it. Thanks for coming by and reading this blog. Mahalo Nui Loa.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

German Saturday

Yesterday was our German make out day, oops I mean German make up day. I know I know thats not what a mother wants to hear. lol, and I'm sure Jaimie won't appreciate that joke.

German Saturday was planned, prepared and paired of! ;) we invited Ben and Jessica over for dinner! Jessica was nice and stopped at foodland and got some garlic bread and a nice drink, which I will write more in a second, and Ben got some ice cream for us, which was really nice from them. ALOOOOHA and Mahalo Nui Loa.

So Jaimie and I cooked pasta and chicken, which was incredible. it was SO good! Mahalo Nui Loa. :)

okay, we learned that garlic bread translated into German is Kraeuter Brot, also we learned that tender means zart. And a random number, five - fuenf! ;)

lets look at some pictures!
in the above pictue you can see the excitment Jessica has about the garlic bread. (picture below) What fancy drink is that? Jessicas facial expression says it all... ahmmm well...

oh looks like, Jessica drunk too much of the fancy drink!!! Jessica please don't hate me for doing this to you ;) we had a lot of fun

As always, Ben and Jessica fighting about washing the dishes, which I care less about as long as they get done and they are clean! Mahalo Nui Loa to Ben and Jessica for doing the dishes. Good JOB!!!

and one last story, so ben ran late, and so we texted him and told him that all the pasta was gone, he in turn texted back and said he will just go and grab some pizza. Jaimie said, he is just kidding, he doens't not believe that we ate it all. Anyway, Ben finally shows up and we see that he bought a sandwich at foodland and told us he thought we were NOT kidding! I thought it was funny, but I also felt bad for not texting him back and telling him that we are waiting for him. lol anyway. it was a fun evening, we learned 2 new words, I just say, better than nothing!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Aloha, Jaimie and I apologize, but we have to delay German Tuesday due to conflict with school business, therefore, we will have German Tuesday coming up as soon as we found time. But hey, make sure you check this blog soon, because it will be worth it! ;)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

German Tuesday ROCKS!!!

Today has been a tremendous German Tuesday. Lesson 3 was about lunch. So we had a little date and went to Panda Express, we are obsessed with Panda Express and love their Orange Chicken. We learned the following words.

Chicken - Huhn
Beef - Rind
Cow - Kuh
Cup - Becher
to drink - trinken
drink - Getraenke
Chopsticks - Staebchen (I seriously should make a video about that word, because she says it so SO cute, its too cute to be true)
Plate - Teller
Lunch - Mittagessen
Fork - Gabel
Knife - Messer

I think thats all the words from today. ;)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Lesson 2

ALOHA! And Welcome back to German Tuesday, its been a really fast German Tuesday, this day past way to fast. SO we knew that today is German Tuesday, but we kinda didn't really get around to it. Okay, yah, we slacked! but hey, we'll do better next week.

the only thing we learned today was, and its actually a very useful sentence.

kiss me you fool - kuess mich du narr

we also, did a quick recap on last week. At the end of it all, we made some progress but we could have done much more. but hey, better than nothing! so I'm pretty sure you wanna see a picture of us kissing, but we don't kiss, I mean seriously who does that anyways! Thats gross! okay, I confess we do kiss sometimes ;)