Tuesday, March 31, 2009

It's About Time!!! I know I know

Aloha and welcome back to German Tuesday! we would like to apologize for not having posted
anything for so long, but as you all know even students can be busy sometime! ;)

Today, we had breakfast together and we enjoyed some amazing omelets. Thank you Jaimie for that tremendous breakfast!

we learned the following new vocabs today.
egg - Ei
eggs - Eier
green peppers - Paprika
turkey - Truthan
cheese - Kaese
and duh! omelet is omelet lol

Thats breakfast, pretty much amazing, thanks Jaimie!


  1. didn't we have the conversation earlier about green pepper being "paprika?" because that's a spice...? I think you said a different word after that. Mm MM those omelets were good!

  2. i know we talked about it, but I'm sure we say paprika to it, and I know there is a spice called that too.